Orlando Automotive Repair Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Car

Regular car maintenance is a whole lot cheaper than fixing or replacing it.

Regular car maintenance is a whole lot cheaper than fixing or replacing it.

People have no problem throwing things away nowadays. Even our cell phones quickly end up in the trash when the latest iGadget is bought. Yes, we live in a world where it’s now cheaper to replace rather than repair. That is, except for our vehicles. Our cars are still a huge investment and replacing one vehicle is, for many of us, not a luxury we can afford to enjoy very often, if at all. In the case of our transportation, it’s cheaper to repair than to replace… and even cheaper still is something we call “Preventative Maintenance”. And that’s where your Orlando automotive repair shop comes in.

A good place to start is with a coolant service. The coolant is the wonderfluid that keeps your engine from getting way too hot or freezing up in the extremely harsh Florida winter. (That was a joke.) It also protects the components of your cooling system from corrosion. However, the coolant itself will eventually become corrosive and start damaging various parts, including your radiator. Hopefully, you can understand why you need to regularly schedule to have your cooling system serviced. But let’s not stop there. You also want to stay on top of your A/C system, your power steering, brake fluid, differential, transmission, and of course, those oil changes. Go ahead and try skipping an oil change… if you like having a build up of harmful oil sludge in your car.

Since our engines are riddled with seals and gaskets, the fluids that keep them from drying our and leaking need to be kept fresh. There are important additives that are in the automotive fluids that help to lubricate the various systems. Eventually, the additives are used up and so the fluid must be changed or else the protection it was providing will cease.

Of course, don’t stop with the fluids. If you want your car to last, you’ll want to maintain the mechanical stuff as well. Parts wear down… so regular maintenance goes a long way. Worn brake pads can eventually damage rotors, so keep your costs down. Replace as needed in order to not be forced into fixing or replacing a much bigger problem later.

This goes for the belts as well. It’s much cheaper to replacing timing belts and serpentine belts on a maintenance schedule than repairing the damage that can be caused by a broken belt. Don’t forget to check your batteries regularly and maintain the air filters, fuel filters, and PCV valves. Your tires will last longer if you regularly align, balance, and rotate them. Shocks and struts eventually wear out and your fuel system needs to be cleaned regularly in order to continue performing well,to prevent mechanical damage, and to keep your gas mileage at its best.

Naturally, we’d like the outside to look as good as the engine we’re taking such good care of. So wash it regularly, which will prevent rust and protect your car’s finish. Use cleaners, waxes, and protectants to prolong the life and appearance of your tires and to keep your interior looking like new.

Ok, I admit, this all might seem to be alot to remember. But it’s not so bad… all you have to do is leave it up to your Orlando automotive technician to help you know what needs to be done next. At City Garage, we’ll make sure you know what the manufacturer’s recommendations are for your specific car and we’ll explain what maintenance schedule is the best for your car. Depending on your driving style, you may need to be on a regular schedule or somethig we call a “severe service” schedule. We may even suggest higher mileage formulations for your older car.

So, if you want to extend the live of your car, save yourself alot of expense in repairing damage that could have been prevented or covered under warranty (which may not be if you don’t stay on top of your maintenance), and ultimately postpone the need to invest in another vehicle, bring your car in regularly and we’ll take care of it for you. By staying on top of your maintenance schedule and proactively caring for your cars needs now, you’ll avoid the hassle and financial impact later and you’ll be able to drive “ol’ faithful” for many more years.

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